"Life Rhymes" is the 3rd official project release from Spill after his debut mixtape "The After Party" & the female dedicated "Searching For Yoko" EP. This mixtape wonders into various vibes and sounds of many different influences, with production from K-FIYAT, OFASHO, greenHERMIT, Unlikely Futures, Spill himself, and MORE! Enjoy these Life Rhymes. ~ Spill ~ #namaste #peace #love #life

wavy and positive.

My new sounds:

Anonymous asked:
Why dont you love me anymore?

Whoever you are, please don’t be afraid to come to me. It hurts me that you had to be anon to ask… If you’re serious, I’m sorry. 

My new sounds:

*NEW* Slow mo banger by Spill

sip n shmoke tuh dis

Twerkin’ On The Bar[beat] by madspill

when lightweights hit the bong #loud

My new sounds: